• The Association of Industries, Dewas was registered on 6.12.1978 with the Registrar, Firms & Societies, M.P., Bhopal. The Association is governed by two tier system i.e., Board of Directors & Managing Committee.

    In the Board at present 12 Directors represent sponsor Industries. The Board have sanction of all Financial matters and policy makers. The Board have right to check activities of Managing Committee. The Board advises Managing Committee.

  • The Managing Committee is consist of persons nominated and appointed by the Board. The Committee has in its fold elected members. Managing Committee is consist of 21 person. It works under the guidance & advise of the Board. The Managing Committee term is for two years.

    AID has formed 10 Sub – Committees for two year term.

The Association is run as under :
Board of Directors, Managing Committee, Sub Committees.

The Association looks after the problems of industries. Its objective is to promote friendly atmosphere among the member industries, business, trade and to protect and defend the interest of industries. And safeguard the interest of industries and also from any malpracticesWe render quick and reliable services to member industries through circulation of notification, orders or any information beneficial to industry. We feed our members with day-to-day industry related information through Internet. we try to provide betterinfrastructure to our members in the industrial areas at Dewas. Overall we generally try to do all that may be necessary for the development of industries and peaceful atmosphere in the areas.